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Business Needs

Route customers more efficiently with true business automation.

Fulfillment Optimization

In-house CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for Processing orders, Storing /shipping and tracking information. Creating and managing transaction documents, tracking inventory, Running/ reports. Identifying Third Party Logistics(3PL) providers offering solutions in PPS (Pick, Pack and Shipping). Integration with 3rd party E-commerce platforms and POS (Point of Sale) systems and other support services like scanners.


Ecommerce Platform Management

E-Commerce success is through customers improved user experience strategies. Fast performing and secure platform. Integrate with common business tools or API’s to exchange data. SEO friendly to reach new customers. User friendly maintenance, high availability, marketing, sales, easy campaign setup and operations. Accessibility on handheld devices. Multiple payment gateway support.

Order Management

Centralized inventory management supporting multiple handheld devices. Support multiple payment gateways. Exchange data using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Logistics integration and live tracking. Customer management, reporting, analytics and evaluation. Customer service for after sales and managing returns. AI (Artificial Intelligence) support for predications. Quick dashboards for end to end visualization.

order management

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Easy deployment in various hardware/software platforms. Demand planning, import/export, shipping/supplier /transport/warehouse/shipment notification management. Visual SCM map. Quick view dashboards. Scheduling and simulation. EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to communicate B2B or B2C transactions. Real time notification for shipments and transactions. Role based authorization for various modules.

Document Management System

Maintain contents in a compressed manner in a centralized location. Team collaboration. Low downtime to access retrieve contents. Security and access control. Version control and indexing contents. Bulk uploads and accessibility on handheld devices. E-mail notifications and content sharing. Support structured and unstructured contents like OCR, MiCR. Check in/out and backtracking.

Document Management

Solution By Partners

Electronic Document interchange (EDI) - Aiconcs, Singapore

EDI Consulting

We have EDI experts to help you determine which parts of our solution are best for you and your business.

B2B and EDI Integration

Take advantage of our seamless EDI Integration to realize the greatest benefits.
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Trading Partner Integration

Relax knowing that our solution is fully compliant with your trading partner’s requirements.