Keeping the Farmer and Farm Working

In some parts of the world, sustainable farming conditions are possible only through modern technology. See how #IoT, solar energy, and Microsoft #Azure #AI are being used in parts of Kenya to provide farmers with stable income and the food they need to feed their families.

City of Houston: Data accessibility

Reducing redundant, intensive manual tasks and making information more accessible to those who need it should be top priorities in digitally transforming public institutions. See how the city of #Houston is using #Microsoft365 to empower its employees and citizens via web-based, scalable solutions that digitally enable more public services.

62% Of Businesses Say Self-Service BI Is Essential In 2020

This article from Forbes describes why services such as Microsoft Power BI are critical and even more important for businesses in 2020. Forbes highlights that BI’s depth of data storytelling is a must have for Marketing and Sales, while collaborative file sharing services enable productivity as more of the workforce adapts working from home. Read more here.