The retail industry is evolving

In the new retail industry driven by #DigitalTransformation, tailor-made customer experiences and convenience are the defining reasons behind most purchases. Read this infographic to learn about the 5 driving factors behind the evolution of this industry and how you can use them to your advantage with #Microsoft #Retail Solutions.

Enable machine learning, video analytics, and the cloud to create alluring in-store experiences. Learn more about Microsoft Retail Solutions.

It’s possible to conceive innovative ideas out of sheer creativity, but truly disruptive retail initiatives require accurate #insights and #data to achieve their full potential. Follow Infochola Solutions Pte Ltd to stay updated on how advanced #analytics powered by #MicrosoftRetailSolutions can boost your bottom line and create more loyal customers.

GEICO turbocharges insurance innovation in the cloud

By adopting a DevOps development strategy and transitioning development to Microsoft Azure, GEICO was able to engage customers more personally and dynamically. With the help of partner Applied Information Sciences, GEICO is moving to the cloud with a focus on increased efficiency, greater application availability, and lower costs. Watch this video and contact Infochola Solutions Pte Ltd to learn more.

Kroger: Video analytics for action

An insight-driven approach to #customization can help provide a better view of your customers and create new opportunities to deliver impactful experiences. Watch this video to learn about Kroger’s approach to video #analytics and how #Microsoft is enabling them to revolutionize the #retail shopping experience.