New Survey Finds 22% Of Americans Have Been Targeted By Digital Fraud Related To COVID-19

While the full economic impact of COVID-19 is still undetermined, United States Attorney Scott Brady noted, “I think we are really going to see an unprecedented wave of cyber attacks and cyber fraud. And that’s what we’re trying to prepare our partners and the public for.”

This article highlights the impact of COVID-19 as consumer spending shifts to e-commerce and fraud subsequently rises. Read the report here and learn how employing #MSDyn365Fraud targets these threats.

Microsoft proof points for manufacturing

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ANU Large data sets and small budgets

Over the last decade, scientific research has seen a shift toward cloud computing and away from on-site infrastructure. The cloud is critical to scientists as they deal with increasingly large datasets and more-demanding performance requirements. See how the cloud computing capabilities of Microsoft #Azure are being leveraged to increase the scalability and efficiency of Australian National University’s (ANU) ground-breaking genome research.

Why do you use Azure?

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