Create human connection with Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Connecting with customers and building trust to create strong relationships is essential in today’s online world. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator have joined forces to offer an adaptive solution that anticipates customers’ needs as they change—so you can be ready to meet them.

Find the right customers and immediately learn more about them to know the best course of action and cultivate the relationship. Learn what content resonates most with customers, understand what they care about to connect in a more meaningful way, and build a connection of trust to let customers know they’re valued.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator help put the human touch back into every customer interaction.

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Fluid, Dynamic, and Cloud-Powered Solutions

Adopting solutions like Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 gives employees the flexibility of working from anywhere on the device of their choice—simultaneously increasing security and collaboration. Enable your employees to be more productive and inspired, with teams doing their best work using tools designed for modern work. Cloud technology improves collaboration by integrating tools to simplify work, streamline processes, and optimize communication—which translates to higher ROI.

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6 ways digitalization Is empowering women around the world

Technology is an ally for companies working toward gender equality—but it’s so much more than that. Discover six ways digitalization is empowering women around the world. From rural education to entrepreneurship, technology and digitalization are giving a voice to those who previously didn’t have one, helping women strive for excellence in all areas of life. Contact Infochola Solutions Pte Ltd to learn how you can help bring meaningful change through technology for the women in your company.

How To Get Your Cloud Migration Strategy Right

What does operational visibility look like in a hybrid cloud environment? It’s an end-to-end view of infrastructure performance across application workloads and microservices, wherever they reside, providing the intelligence needed to monitor and measure KPIs. Learn about the steps leaders are taking before, during, and after a migration.

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The healthcare industry is entering the era of digital innovation. As it becomes increasingly mobile and cloud-centric, patients will continue seek more and more on-demand healthcare services that better adapt to their lifestyles. Follow Infochola Solutions Pte Ltd to learn more about how #HealthIT powered by Microsoft is enabling improved patient outcomes and empowering providers with better, more efficient solutions.

3 Smart Ways to Exceed Your Customers’ Digital Expectations

The drive to become a customer experience-focused business doesn’t just come from the C-suite. Anyone with a deep understanding of today’s digital mandate and a strong vision for what digital experiences can do for customers and business can lead the charge.

There is potential for a huge upside, as businesses increasingly correlate strong customer experience with revenue growth. For leaders and teams wanting to combine creativity and technology, we’ve identified three ways to kickstart their experience-driven digital strategy.

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