The most common types of healthcare fraud

Our healthcare industry suffers an estimated loss of $455 billion per year from fraud, waste, and abuse. This thought leadership article examines the many types of fraud prevalent in healthcare today.

Microsoft Dynamic 365 Fraud Protection is an integrated solution that fights against fraud. Learn more here.

Kroger success story: teaser video

Grocery #shopping used to be a fairly straightforward experience. Make a list, drive to the supermarket, drive back home, then grow two extra hands to carry every bag into your house. Thankfully, the game has changed and #digital has made this process almost obsolete. Watch this video to learn how Kroger envisions a new, better future for the #supermarket industry.

ANU: Collaborative research and data sharing

Open source software and open sharing have become crucial tools for modern scientific research. Bigger datasets require faster algorithms to analyze them, and sharing data allows researchers to avoid siloed pipelines, as well as validate their findings more quickly. Learn how Australian National University is empowering its genome researchers by leveraging digital collaboration tools powered by Microsoft #Azure to drive faster breakthroughs.