eBook: Intelligent Economies: AI’s transformation of industries and society

As AI becomes increasingly embedded in society, it will not only change the businesses that adopt it — it will also have significant economic, social, and civic effects on citizens and consumers.

Infochola Solutions Pte Ltd is here to guide you through these uncertain times. Download this eBook from Microsoft to explore the transformative potential of AI on markets and societies across the developed and developing worlds.

Custom Air Products & Services manage HVAC manufacturing process using the Power Platform

Microsoft Power Platform transformed a 200-person company weighed down by disparate systems into a sleek, mobile system. Power Platform connects powerful tools to build end-to-end solutions. This company’s new app provides timely, accurate, and relevant data to reduce the time spent on daily tasks. This greater visibility encourages all employees to participate through all levels. Read their success story here:

The AI-enabled future

Thanks to #MachineLearningServices, Infochola Solutions Pte Ltd is able to provide better customer service and better products and solutions to our customers. Read this article to see how leveraging #AI can transform the future of your company.

Powerful alone, better together

Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents—meet the Microsoft Power Platform that is powerful alone, but better together. With this platform, your business can meet challenges effectively. Get started today and see how to boost your productivity and engage with your customers in new ways.

Factory of the future: Achieving digital excellence in manufacturing, today

“Industry 4.0” is the term coined to describe the rise of automation and data exchange in manufacturing, technology, and it has transcended the factory floor to now include the entire manufacturing process. In this eBook from #Microsoft, you can learn how to equip your business with tools that transform the connected manufacturing ecosystem and exceed customer expectations. Contact Infochola Solutions Pte Ltd to learn more!